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    June 19, 2019

    Have you noticed how many Canadians are anxious and pessimistic about the future?

    How many even choose not to have kids because of this general malaise?

    This is really sad. But it’s not surprising.

    The media and politicians keep inventing new crises to justify more government control, programs, laws, and taxes.

    Every six months, we must conform to new linguistic, cultural and social norms pushed by the Left.

    Our alarmist and controlling elites are telling us the world will soon end unless we radically change our way of life.

    This insane climate of fear has got to end.

    We must stop complicating our lives with the latest Leftist fads.

    We must refocus on the fundamentals.

    We need more stability and security.

    That’s what the People’s party is fighting for.

    Many thanks,
    Max Bernier

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