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    About Carleton PPC

    The Carleton PPC represents the Carleton Electoral District in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Carleton Electoral District (35088)

    Carleton PPC Map

    The Carleton Electoral District (“Carleton ED”) comprises 35,131 households (33,831 houses, 833 apartments and 457 farms), located in and around the villages of Stittsville, Richmond, Manotick, North Gower, Kars, Osgoode, Metcalfe and Greely, as well as the rapidly growing subdivisions of Riverside South and Findlay Creek. The 2015 General Election statistics recorded an overall population of 89,522 people of which 74,185 were registered to vote, representing 82.9% of residents in the riding.

    In the 2015 General Election, 59,435 voters in Carleton ED cast ballots, representing a turnout of 80.1%, the highest turnout reported in any one of the 338 Electoral Districts across Canada, where the average voter turnout was 68.5% (17,711,983 ballots cast out of 25,939,742 registered voters). Looking from the opposite perspective, this meant that 14,750 voters in the Carleton ED chose not to cast a ballot (19.9% or almost 1 in 5) and 8,227,759 voters across the country did not vote (31.5% or almost 1 in 3).


    The Carleton ED was a new riding in the 2015 General Election, so the results are not readily comparable to the 2011 General election results. Pierre Poilivere received the highest number of votes and was named as the Member of Parliament for Carleton. The voting results by party in 2015 within the Carleton ED were:

    • Conservative Party 27,762 Votes
    • Liberal Party 25,913 Votes
    • NDP 3,632 Votes
    • Green Party 1,932 Votes